Last night I finished a graphic novel/photo book about a photographers first assignment embedded with MSf aka. Doctors Without Boarders during the Afghanistan war against the Soviet Union. The Photographer
The book is found in the Asian history section of my local chain book store. Maus by Art Spiegelman is in the European history section of this bookstore. I am wondering if the act of placing these graphic books in this section causes them to get lost among the countless dry reads in the history section perhaps defeating the authors attempt to reach a wider audience. Or does the documentary basis of the works keep it out of the comic/manga/graphic novel because it in non-fiction? Anyone know?

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Dear creative organizations/art collectives/bohemian nests,
If you incorporate and wish to collaborate, having a monthly fee ($50+) for your super top-secret knowledge not available anywhere else on the internets(lockpicking. really?) will undermine your ability to foster a good portion of new knowledge you wish to brew. Yes it can keep out all but the most hardcore of the bunch plus trust fund kiddies. But busting your leet skillz mental walls are not worth my energy even though I would truly love to share any of the low tech and middle tech contraptions I have floating around in my head with others to make the world a better place for more then a select few who know the secret handshake. I wish to inform you that your doing it wrong.

a bastardized mad scientist artiest.


Ideas published in peer review journals are not special top secret information about the nature of man kind that need to be protected rather the discussed.

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Journals Find Fakery in Many Images Submitted to Support Research
Funny thing is like most good researchers, they are worried more about getting accused though false positives. I <3 film.

Documentary Photo. Less kittens more reportage.

Green Porno
Isabella Rossellini in various short stories about animal procreation. Now this is how the kids should learn biology (biological animal nsfw)

Joel-Peter Witkin (nsfw)
"Perhaps all of us can see, through the works of Witkin and Arbus, that if negation is not confronted, understood, then loved, the genesis of phobias, obsessions and repression will never end." - Davide Faccioli, The Body Horror Picture Show
Nature of prefection. blah blah blah. The future is going to be really queer, I hope.

“The Full Body Project” Leonard Nimoy Photography Unfortunately, once again all the photos are modeled on famous paintings. At lest they are more like Matisse then Rubins.

And at this point I feel like an art snob, and will shut up.


I hardly ever do this but someone I know ( a professor) needs bodies for online art project. He is chill art side doing interactive art stuff person. He's trying to get a real world site to display it but needs bodies for project and to look good to people with space by the 15th.

On user end, the project involves downloading an app and possessing a webcam.


Additionally apparently there is some baltimore benefit concert event tonight: info via facebook the site at the bottom is more direct group stuff.

"YANA stands for "You Are Never Alone," an organization and drop-in day shelter which reaches out in love to women and girls involved in prostitution and those who have survived human trafficking. Come show your support at a FREE concert featuring:

Heavy Hangs the Head
Caleb Stine
The Lost Tourists

We will also serve a vegan menu, have information available about YANA and its cause, and two guest speakers!

*We Will Gladly Accept Donations*

This will be a great night--have an awesome time while raising money and awareness for an important cause.

See you there!
Learn more about YANA at

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I just thought I would post.
I love modern art, other art movements, including the art most people like to make fun of when they enter the National gallery, it is far from being degenerate art.